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Spectra Technical is an Iowa based small business owned and operated by Jacob Larson and Caleb Clark, dedicated to producing quality shows and events at an affordable cost.

Spectra was officially founded in the fall of 2011, however the two founders have hundreds of hours of experience designing and running shows of all shapes and sizes. From musicals and dance recitals to weddings to parties, we can do it all. Some of our recent work includes "Swing Into Spring," a show choir concert put on by the West High School Choir Department, a rave for the University of Iowa, and a host of dance recitals for groups around the state (including this cool one!).

Do you have a show, recital, party, or wedding that you are trying to find the perfect crew or DJ's for? We have experience in almost every show you could imagine, doing everything from pre-show marketing (graphical design of posters, tickets, etc.) to the design and implementation of themes for dances and parties, to the rental of specialized equipment (tents, staging, generators) from partners, to the actual running of your show (lights, sound, stage managing, Fly, and anything else you need for your particular show.

At Spectra Technical, we do not help produce a show. We help produce an experience that people talk about long after the event. Your satisfaction is our number one goal, and we will work hard to earn it.

Our website is a work in progress. We thank you for your patience with the site, as there are still quite a few missing/broken links on our page. If you have a question, please feel free to contact us! We are happy to help you in any way that we can.

Thanks! Caleb, Jacob, and Rosie


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