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Caleb Clark, Partner

J. Caleb ClarkCaleb is the Chief Lighting Designer and Director of Purchasing at Spectra Technical. His experience with lighting stretches across countless hours, venues, and shows. Caleb is familiar with many types of theatrical rigging, having worked with everything from fly systems to trussing and catwalks. He is familiar with many of the architectural and theatrical dimming and control systems available. With experience working in over 50 unique venues across Iowa, including churches, theaters, band shells, and town festivals, he is comfortable working with any show no matter the location or what it entails. In addition to lighting design, Caleb has spent hundreds of hours onstage, even performing in some of the shows for which he designed lighting.

Caleb graduated from Iowa City West High School in May 2011. As a student he was involved in many of the productions West High put on, including works such as “Guys and Dolls,” and “The Princess Bride.” In addition to his theater experience, Caleb served as a Drum Major with the West High Marching Band, and was very involved in the Choir Department. Caleb is a two-year IHSMA All-State Musician, and is also an Eagle Scout.

Professionally, Caleb has performed in and designed show elements for shows throughout the midwest. He was named the Technical Director of the Jim McDonough Holiday Grande 2014 tour, which toured throughout the holiday season and benefited Camp Courageous in Iowa. To keep his skills sharp, Caleb works throughout the country on shows of all shapes and sizes.

Caleb is proud to be a small business owner with his friend and business partner, Jacob Larson.


Jacob Larson, Partner

Jacob Larson is the Production Manager and Director of Customer Relations at Spectra Technical. Jacob graduated from Iowa City West High in May of 2011. He currently attends the University of Iowa and is studying small business entrepreneurship, sound production, and acoustical physics. He looks forward to applying the knowledge and skills he gains at the University of Iowa to improve Spectra Technical. His expertise with acoustics and live sound mixing began in 2007 when Jacob joined the sound crew at St. Andrew Presbyterian Church in Iowa City. After only one year, he was put in charge of the sound crew and continued to not only work on his personal mixing skills, but also train others on the proper usage of audio equipment. During high school, he ran sound for numerous school-sponsored events as well as outside performances in West High’s auditorium.

As a student, he had many honors placed upon him. These included introducing Iowa’s Senator Chuck Grassley to the student body and winning the State title for West High’s chapter of “We The People,” a nation-wide competition dedicated to promoting civic competence and responsibility through the United States Constitution. During the Iowa City Community School District budget crises of 2011, during which 22 teachers faced losing their jobs, Jacob was one of a handful of students who advocated and made a documentary about the issue, showing the view points of students and teachers. This documentary gained state-wide recognition and helped other school districts across Iowa fight against funding cuts for education. Near the end of his senior year, Jacob took his mixing skills further by experimenting with the idea of becoming a DJ. Over the past five years he has honed the art of mixing music and has created many pop, R&B, hip-hop, and dance mixes. He continues to collect various types of music in order to expand his DJ library.

Jacob is excited to pursue the dream of owning a small business with his friend Caleb Clark and is committed to providing the highest quality technical services while maintaining exemplary customer satisfaction.


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